I haven’t been able to post to my blog as I was trying to do some fancy stuff with the theme and broke it 🙁

But I’m back now and will take it a little slower.  Sure don’t want that happening again.

So where I find I’m having difficulty is on the permissions area.  It says I can’t write this or change that…yuk!

I had several people offer to help, but they couldn’t figure  out MY mess, so I had to clean it up myself.  That’s OK by me as it keeps you learning and sharp.

Speaking of “learning and sharp”…What are you currently learning and where do you get stuck?  What do you feel you are sharp on and where are you not so? 

Obviously, I’m learning about wordpress and it’s capabilities or NOT…and yet I feel I am very sharp about the internet as I’ve been online since 1992/3.  I know html and wordpress is not that…it’s mostly php and while I have had others build me php sites, I’m very careful to not break them…it’s called don’t mess with code.

I also know a LOT about marketing and building relationships online and that is where I have the most fun.  What do you like about the internet?  What gives you the most pleasure? 

Talk to me, I want to know 🙂