I reside on Citrus county florida and today is a rainy day.  I actually love rainy days because it allows me to stay focused on things inside that I may have neglected.  Other than the distraction of LOUD thunder, now and then, I find the pitter patter of rain quiet calming.  Do you?

I also absolutely love Lightning and here in Florida we get some really good shows.  I remember one particular show last year when I was surrounded with lightning and literally could see all around me the lights in the sky.  One side was flashing orange and pink…I actually tried to video it…but the sky was too dark so it didn’t come out.  It was a really fantastic showing of lightning that I had never seen before.  Almost like fireworks.

Did you also know that Tampa, Florida is the lightning capital of the world?  I hear one guy has been struck by lightning 3 times there…and I always heard that lightning can’t strike twice.  Guess that’s a myth.

Another fascinating fact about lightning is that it helps plants green up.  So when you see a lot of yellowing grass, you know that they need lightning really bad.  When I lived in California, northern, we hardly ever got lightning.

Also, lightning can be hotter than the sun’s surface…now that’s extreme heat!  And I understand that’s also what creates the thunder.  So if you’re hearing thunder…it means lightning is crackling somewhere.

So while I may see lightning as breathtaking, dazzling, even sensational, it is very dangerous.

Do you have an experience or thoughts on Rainy days or lightning?  Share them with me.