It’s been awhile since I posted and June has been an exciting month with so much going on.

I lost my internet connection for a week and had internet withdrawal syndrome.  It wasn’t even storms…it just up and quit one day and CenturyLink blamed it on the home office changing IP numbers.  I lost a ton of money since I couldn’t be online and they gave me a credit of $5. for the downtime 🙁

Then just as I get my connection back, my monitor wouldn’t power on.  I have an APC surge protector, but apparently that didn’t help the poor monitor.

Last week though…it rained every day and on just 1 day we got 10 inches.  My land is mostly sand so it seeped in, but some of my neighbors have clay soil and they got flooded…to the point where they couldn’t even open their doors.  I’m a bit on a slope, so the water is going downhill…of course that also means behind me is coming at me as it goes downhill.  No problems thus far, so I thank God for that.

All this downtime, gave me a chance to work on some writing and very soon I’ll be putting up a report you won’t want to miss.  I’m even going to attempt my first video with this one, so wish me luck.

We are now officially in Summer, June 20th marks that season officially.  So what are your summer plans?  I’m planning to launch some sites and revamp others, so no telling if I’ll be able to add some fun in the sun in there.

Time to get back to work.  So leave me some comments and especially if you have made plans already for the summer, I really want to know…perhaps I can dream vicariously through you.


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