I just got involved in a new mentoring program with John Thornhill and his method of teaching is step-by-step.  I’ve had some blog training in the past, but most of it was way over my head as the whole concept was new to me.

My biggest challenge with a blog is that I get stuck when I write.  For those who know me, that probably sounds crazy, since I’m never at a loss for words.  It’s different though and maybe you’ll be able to relate?  When you have a conversation there are 2 people so you Talk…when you write it’s just you (in your head) and that’s when I get stuck.  (like now).  When you are in a conversation and you pause, it creates an opening for the other person to talk. but when you write and you pause…well…ummm…duh…

OK, so let me write about “Taking Steps” because I’m a firm believer that if you want success you have to get into action and that means taking a step and a series of them.  I like to call it “Next“, because basically their just tasks you have to get done.  When you know what you want you always get a plan in your head and for me I like to begin with the end in my mind.  Then I simply work it backwards to the first step toward it.

Obviously each step can and will take time and that varies.  So I like to have a plan for my time first and set that.  I actually use a timer, too.  It’s called Action Enforcer and it allows me to put my daily actions/steps on a calendar with the timer.  I have found it keeps me focused…as the internet can be a huge distraction and time stealer…  I also feel it has increased my productivity since it helps me manage my most precious asset-TIME!

Success is always just a step away and if you can get disciplined into taking them it will absolutely and positively change your life.

So what do you think?  What does “Taking the Steps” mean to you?