Now I may not be able to call myself a movie buff because I don’t run to a theater to see all the new releases.  I don’t have my TV connected to cable so I can catch any of the movie channels there, yet I do have a Roku.  I bought the Roku for a one-time fee and they have channels you subscribe to.  I don’t understand why people subscribe to cable tv because tv has been degrading for the past 20 years.  The news channels don’t report the REAL news, they just show sensationalism to entertain the masses.  The networks have bought into Reality tv which to me is so close to real life why don’t you just go to the park or beach and people watch?  You’ll get enough of reality in the real world if you care to SEE it.  Sitcoms seem to cater to stupid people and I think I’ll leave it at that.

So the Roku is not tv, although you can get highlights from Fox news, CNBC, NBC and a total of 27 news channels.  None of which I have subscribed to.  Perusing the channels, it was interesting that Alex Jones of has his own channel.

Roku has a total of 22 categories with approx 15-25 choices in each.  Some are paid (like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon) but many and I would venture to say MOST are free (like Crackle, TED, inmoo) which means I can watch what I like on demand.

Obviously, I’m not much into TV and might get 5 hours a week in front of it, if that.  Seems it always puts me to sleep, so sometimes it takes me 3 days to get through an entire movie.  For me, if I want to be entertained at home then I’ll turn on the Roku and browse over to a movie channel.

Naturally, if a new release catches my attention (usually through word of mouth) then I can always head over to a redbox.

Since I totally ignored TV for the past 30 years, it means I have a lot of movies to catch up to, so if you’ve seen something you thought was a not to miss, let me know below.  Just “movies” though!